Mixing the Highs and Lows

Artwork in home
Photograph by Eric Tadsen

I have owned an art gallery for many years. In addition to selling art, we offer the services of delivery, installation, and design consulting. On one of these visits many years ago to deliver and install a new painting, the person showing me around their home commented on another painting they owned. This one was older, in a wide silver and mirrored frame: a tropical landscape with a flamingothink Miami 1950s. The homeowner explained she had purchased it at an antique shop and said, I know Im not supposed to like this sort of thing, but I do. My serious art friends will hate it. What she meant was that painting would be considered lowbrow art.

The Road Home: Focusing on Housing Solutions for Families

Mother and daughter in one of the Road Homes housing programs
Photograph by A&J Photography

No family ever plans to become homeless, and no mother ever envisions her children having no place to sleep. Brianna, a mother of three here in Madison, certainly didnt. Yet the family spent much of the past two years this waysleeping in shelters or sometimes in their car.

The Chicken Coop: Movin on Up

Chicken coop with stockings
Photograph provided by CLUCK the Chicken Store

With playful names like Coop de Ville, Cluckingham Palace, and Chez Poulet, the once lowly chicken coop has new cachet, moving from the back of the barnyard to being the centerpiece of the urban, suburban, and hobby-farm backyard.

Before: An Exterior Makeover

Photograph provided by Garden Search & Rescue

Our homes are our spaces, and our yards should be an extension. Loving your yard is something everyone should do whether its from the window while you wash dishes or when you wander from your parked car to the front door. Many of us have more diverse intentions or requests from our taxable green space, but there is a way to make this a reality on any budget for any size yard. Sometimes all we need is a place to land.

Changing the Game in the Kitchen

family at kitchen sink with the Galley Buffet
Photograph provided by The Galley

Different homes need different things to improve the kitchen. Some homes need new cabinets, more modern appliances, new flooring, the addition of a kitchen island, etc. But almost every homeowner can relate to the phrase, I need more counter space! There never seems to be enough. An innovative, American-made design product called The Galley Workstation will do just that: combine your prep space, cooking space, serving space, and cleanup space all in one compact, versatile unit while freeing up other counter space for entertaining.

Cooking Out: Modern Wisconsin Style

U shaped outdoor kitchen
Photograph provided by Action Outdoor Kitchen

In a recent survey, the American Institute of Architects found that outdoor living areas are the most popular special function area for both new construction and existing home renovation. An outdoor living area, typically centered around an outdoor kitchen, greatly expands the useful space of your home while providing a fun and functional area for family and friends to congregate. Across the country, outdoor kitchens have become a backyard fixture. We hope to make the planning process clearer for you while introducing an innovative way to incorporate natural-looking cement structures into your overall plan and making your outdoor kitchen Wisconsin-winter proof.

The Foundation of Quality

Patterned concrete entryway
Photograph by Aaron Kinas

Its an amazing scene as you step onto your neighbors new patioyou feel like youre at the posh lounge of a five-star resort. The stamped concrete has an elegant stone look, and the whole area is lit with warm, amber luminescence. It hits you: I need a patio space like this!

Its Not Just Where You Park Your Car

Photograph by ORG

When most homeowners think about the largest room in their house, the living room, family room, or kitchen are frequently the first spaces to come to mind. Actually, if one were to measure square footage, the room that wins this contest would be the garage.