Stoughton Hospital Practices Intuitive Design

Stoughton Hospital
Photograph by Kyle Jacobson

Throughout my childhood, hospitals often held a heavy fog of sterile. White floors, white walls, everything shiny and porcelain. The pediatrician was an exception, as was the occasional carpeted waiting room, but exchange the white wear for hazmat suits and it’s E.T. without Reese’s. Everything else felt like a social experiment where I had to guess what all the other patients were in for and sit farthest away from the most contagious. Or if I was contagious, sit away from the children and elderly.

Planning Your Garden to Make a World of Difference

Rusty patched bumblebees (endangered)
Photograph by Jane Graham/The Prairie Enthusiasts, Empire-Sauk Chapter

Chilly days are great times to curl up with a hot cup of tea and a seed catalog to plan next summer’s garden. Why not choose a low-maintenance option that supports the wildlife pollinating our plants?

Using the Equity in Your Home


As the housing market continues its recovery—and indeed, heats up in some markets—home values are rebounding. One advantage of increasing home values is that for many homeowners the equity in their homes has also increased. Utilizing the equity can be an effective tool with a variety of uses.

Brass is Back

Brass hardware
Photograph provided by The Hardware Studio

Though this time, it’s less brassy. The new finishes are richer and more luxurious, embracing natural, tarnished, aged, and antiqued patinas under polished, satin, and brushed finishes. Though lacquered pieces capture the beauty of the chosen finish, going unlacquered allows the piece to change with the environment over time.

Decorating Your Holiday Table

Holiday items from Convivio
Photograph by Mary D'Alton of Convivio

Just a bit of sparkle makes everything festive.

Shop Like a Chef

Photograph provided by Kessenichs Ltd.

Due to a shortage of available properties, homeowners are electing to stay in their homes and invest in updates to meet their needs as they age instead of automatically thinking about moving. They’re getting creative about how to adapt their existing residence and investing more in interior cosmetic updates that will make their home feel like new for years to come.

After: An Exterior Makeover

Stone path
Photograph by Eric Tadsen

The project we introduced to you in May is complete, and the warmer seasons life at the home is greatly changed because of it.

Bathroom Trends The Spa Feel in a Smaller Space

Bathroom remodel
Photograph provided by Washa Remodeling & Design

There are many homes with medium-sized bathrooms with outdated fixtures and décor from the 90s that are in desperate need of a facelift. Our project homeowners were hoping for a spa feel without changing the basic footprint of the existing bathroom. The focus of the project was to replace a jetted bathtub (with moldy jets) with a more modern tub as the visual centerpiece, and to update the shower both cosmetically and functionally.

Cook Residence

After kitchen remodel
Photograph by Dale Hall Photography

The project scope was to assist the homeowner in restoring their 1930s home on Madison’s near west side to reflect its original character, style, and charm. The young family who calls this house their home consists of two working parents and two elementary-aged children.

Love Your Fireplace

Exciting new home construction.
Photograph by homeowner Amy Reiter

You have a fireplace in your home, but do you know how to use it? Or does it simply exist? Do you like it or do you wish it was a different design? Many homeowners don’t even know what kind of fireplace they have, never mind that they can change the way it works and the design. There are many options that can make your fireplace more energy efficient and appealing.