Voices of Garver Feed Mill

Garver Feed Mill building
Photograph by © The Kubala Washatko Architects

The Garver Feed Mill, off of Fair Oaks by Olbrich Botanical Gardens, recently underwent a rebirth after being slated for worm condos. Restoring a significant dilapidated structure is rarely a cost-effective measure, but in the eyes of those privy to history, it can sometimes be worth it. This leaves the design team with a challenge: find a way to preserve the historical integrity of the building while telling its story and making the space functional outside its original design.

Add a Little Edge to Your Home

items from Pieces Unimagined
Photograph provided by Pieces Unimagined

Don't be afraid of furniture with an edge! The genre Industrial Modern (I.M.) may lead you first to think cold urban loft, but there are degrees of warmth that you can control by changing the amount you bring into a space. The key is how you incorporate, and the result can be spectacular.


entryway cabinets
Photograph provided by Cabinet City

Going outside in Wisconsin weather can feel a bit like suiting up. Hat, gloves, scarf, mittens, boots, jacket, and that’s if it’s just you. Maybe you have a toddler or infant. You’ll want to grab their diaper bag, and then there’s the whole fight to get them to stop taking off their mittens. After hunting down your child’s missing shoe, you reach for your car keys and…car keys…car keys…where are the—

Madison Lighting 2020 Trends: Light Changes Everything

Photograph provided by Madison Lighting

It’s easy to think of lighting as simply décor, but lighting is an important facet in the design of your home. There are areas of your home that simply crave light: task areas, dining room, and entryway. In fact, one source of light is never enough in a kitchen, they’re that complex!

Don't Rush Your Spring Cleanup!

Eryngium (rattlesnake master) does double duty in the gardenit has a great seed head and hollow stems.
Photograph provided by Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Spring is right around the corner. Do you feel like somehow your garden chores are already stacking up? With so much to do, you may be tempted to get a jump-start on your spring garden cleanup, but be patient. There are many benefits to delaying your cleanup process and some environmentally friendly factors to keep in mind.


Taliesin building
Photograph by TS Long

Taliesin is a nonprofit laboratory for living in the Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin conceived over a century ago by Frank Lloyd Wright as a destination for collaboration, innovation, and experimentation in culture, nature, and architecture. Rich in history, Taliesin, Wright’s personal home and studio for almost 50 years, is often referred to as his autobiography in wood and stone.

DIY–It Costs Time to Save Money

New flooring
Photograph by Kyle Jacobson

We all want to make our homes something that feels like, well, home. When I first moved into my half duplex, it felt like I was taking over a place that belonged to someone else—probably because I was. The flooring, the walls, the layout, this was all the previous owner’s vision. I wanted to redo every room, but after dropping a huge chunk of change on getting the half duplex in the first place, it was difficult to see past the price tag on every modification.

Historical Integrity Meets Contemporary Design

Bathroom remodel
Photograph by Eric Tadsen

Not every house has a story to tell, and not everyone wants to own a house that tells a story. But for those who own a house with historic charm, there inevitably comes a point where you have to ask yourself about incorporating a degree of modernity in an update—a decision never taken lightly. Oftentimes, it’s a matter of value: is the voice of the old space truly worth more than the convenience of a new one?

Paint on Point

Color of the year 2020 - Lioness 0864
Photograph provided by Hallman Lindsay

Brave, expansive, and openly outspoken, Lioness 0864—Color of the Year 2020—exudes independence, confident resolve, and generosity within ever-changing times. Empowered to continue breaking boundaries and defy definition, COTY ’20 encourages open interaction, strengthening existing and fostering future ties within the community.

Transforming a Family Home into an Empty Nester

AFTER: Living room looking into the kitchen area.
Photograph by S.Photography/Shanna Wolf

Originally built 20 years ago, the home had been sufficient for a young couple with five children. Like most young parents, they built the home for volume and necessity. But now that the children were in high school, college, and beyond, the clients’ wish was to transform the home into a finely detailed retreat where they could not only relax in warm cozy spaces, but also entertain an expanded family or group of friends.

Sustainable Living–Heat Smart. Cool Smart. Save Money.

Smart living room
Photograph provided by MGE

With our four distinct seasons come hot and humid summers, frigid winters, and everything in between. It's perhaps not surprising that heating and cooling are the largest energy users in our homes. By making smart choices and implementing simple strategies, you can save energy and control your heating and cooling costs.