International Crane Foundation: Cranes of the World

ICF's indoor viewing room at the George Archibald Welcome Center introduces visitors to the grace and beauty of all 15 species of this endangered family of birds.
Photograph provided by International Crane Foundation

When the International Crane Foundation (ICF) designed their Cranes of the World wildlife exhibit and education center, their vision shared inspiration from zoos, parks, and gardens all across Wisconsin. The end result turned out to be something familiar, yet all its own. Hands-on learning displays and cultural and ecological exhibits, stages for informative talks from on-site experts and guest speakers, and an exploratory outdoor space featuring each crane species found around the world come together to form one seamless experience.

Maximize Your Home's Return on Investment: Bathroom Renovations

master bathroom

If you’re going to choose one area of your home to upgrade, the bathroom is likely to give you plenty of bang for your buck. This is true, according to Remodeling magazine’s most recent Cost vs. Value Report, whether you add an upscale bathroom or choose a more modest remodel.

Organizing with Silver Track

garage organization
Photograph provided by Dream House Dream Kitchens

Organizing the garage is something on a lot of our to-do lists. We’ve discussed HyLoft shelving systems to utilize ceiling space for storage, but what about wall space? “The garage typically, when you do square footage of wall, has more wall space than multiple rooms in the home combined,” says Chris Schmidt of Dream House Dream Kitchens.

The Right Upholstery for Everyone

White couch
Photograph provided by Waunakee Furniture ETC

Have you ever been confused about fabrics and leathers and what would work best for your home and your lifestyle?

Trees: The Canopies of Our World

Oak Tree

Trees are some of the oldest living organisms on Earth, being in existence for over 370 million years, an estimated 25 to 35 percent of the world’s plants, and spanning the globe in both diversity and commonality. They provide oxygen, habitat, food, and shade while devouring carbon emissions, managing rainfall, and stabilizing different soils. They lend a permanence and maturity to the landscape that expands beyond most our lifetimes. With the tallest trees reaching heights of almost 400 feet and the oldest of them estimated at 9,550 years old, it’s no wonder they demand so much amazement and respect.

Back Porch Oasis

View of new deck and backyard pool area.
Photograph by A&J Photography

Bryan and Lori were referred to us by one of our repeat clients, as well as having found us at home shows. We quickly discovered that the network of shared friends goes much deeper. They had remodeling done on their 1990s, two-story, formal home the years prior, but determined that working with a different remodeling company for this project was the right decision for them.

Paint on Point: Hope Comfort, and Possibility

Color of 2021, Simple Serenity 0614
Photograph provided by Hallman Lindsay

After the unexpected and challenging year that 2020 turned out to be, we can all use a lot of reassurance and calm. Enter Simple Serenity 0614; comforting, hopeful and full of possibility, this heavenly hue is our color for 2021.

Some Reassembly Required

bathroom remodel by Dream House Dream Kitchens
Photograph provided by Dream House Dream Kitchens

Sometimes we need to talk about the jacuzzi tub in the room. Everyone has to walk around it, it takes up almost a third of the bathroom, and it’s lucky if it gets used once every other year. When these homeowners wanted to update their bathroom, which meant bye-bye jacuzzi tub, they were giving themselves a significantly more functional bathroom. The catch for Lindsay Nelson, designer at Dream House Dream Kitchens, was that she wouldn’t have the normal two months to work on it.

Sustainable Living: What Contributes to the Energy Bill in Your Home?

Photograph provided by MGE

It's no surprise that heating and cooling are responsible for about half of the energy we use in our homes in Wisconsin. But what makes up the rest of our energy bill?