From Weary Spaces to Wow-Worthy Offices

Open offices and adjacent supervisor private offices all receive daylighting in this intentional layout.
Photograph provided by Chad Renly: C|R Prints & Photography LLC

Although working from home has become the new norm, it doesn’t mean that working from the office has completely gone away. As the pandemic fog slowly starts to lift, companies are bringing employees back to the office to foster a sense of camaraderie and provide crucial in-person collaboration for teams.

Maximize Your Home's Return on Investment: Living Spaces

living room/kitchen

If you’re looking to improve your home in a way that will make your experience living in it more enjoyable and provide a solid return on your investment, you may want to consider making an upgrade to your living space. Real estate professionals agree that tackling such a project can pay off—particularly if it adds living space to your home. “A lot of the requests that we get are for improvements of that kind,” says Lori Eberly, consumer lending manager with UW Credit Union, describing the conversations she’s been having with loan seekers in recent months.

Design Services for Every Budget

Living Room
Photograph provided by Waunakee Furniture ETC

Are you building your dream home? Embarking on a remodel/renovation? Overwhelmed by endless choices?

Kitchen Storage

kitchen shelving
Photograph provided by Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens

You don’t have to be a professional chef to take pride in your kitchen. These days, the kitchen isn’t just a room to make food, it’s a chance to show off. Maybe you’re into coffee, so you have an attractive mug rack. Maybe it’s wine, so you display your wine glasses. Ever thought about showing off tableware? These days, people are finding that keeping everything cooped up isn’t just unnecessary, it’s a missed opportunity.

Simplifying Rug Shopping

Photograph provided by Iconi Interiors and Consignment

Choosing area rugs for your home often feels overwhelming due to the vast array of choices available to the consumer. Where the perfect rug can be the element that pulls a room together, choosing the wrong rug can throw off the feel and continuity of the entire room. But by taking some basics into consideration, you’ll find the perfect rug to help set the tone and mood you’re looking for.

Trees: What's Going on Down There?

Photograph by Vanessa Tortolano

What lies below the ground is a complex myriad of networks; communities; exchange systems; and a small constant struggle for space, nutrients, water, and survival. We often think of this as a void with some nonpersonal disregard, almost not really thinking of it at all until we want to move it, use it for our own benefit, or we have a problem with the surface. Once we’ve broken ground, we find roots; small rodents; insects; rocks (cement or debris); nutrients; chemicals, possibly both manmade and plantmade; and organic matter, like twigs, leaves, and decaying plant fragments. Not to mention the millions upon millions of bacteria and fungi greasing the wheels and literally feeding this massive metropolis.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor in updated kitchen
Photograph provided by Coyle Carpet One

When it comes to livening up a room, nothing compares to the unrivaled beauty and richness offered by hardwood flooring. Still symbolic of luxury and style, hardwood floors have grown in their versatility, able to even more aptly suit any homeowner’s tastes while requiring less maintenance than ever before.

Modern Mountain Industrial

kitchen/dining remodel by Degnan Design-Build-Remodel
Photograph by A&J Photography

As young doctors establishing a long-term career back in their hometown area of Madison, Adam and Brittany Buhalog were still living on the west coast doing medical residency when we first met. While Degnan Design-Build-Remodel has been set up for video meetings for several years, shortly after our first video meeting together, the world was shut down by COVID-19. We knew that this would make the situation more difficult, but we had clients who were moving back to their hometown no matter what with dreams of creating their perfect home.

Sustainable Living: Plan Now to Get Energy Efficient Upgrades

Thermostat in bedroom
Photograph provided by MGE

While you may not be ready to embrace the frigid temperatures the upcoming season will bring, planning ahead is the best way to get your energy efficiency upgrades done before Jack Frost arrives.