Read the Room

Suchi Reddy, award-winning architect
Photograph by Heather Hazzan

Suchi Reddy, award-winning architect and founder of the celebrated Reddymade Architecture and Design, added Abel Contemporary Gallery to her long list of accomplishments. The historic tobacco warehouse no. 5 finds a revived voice amongst contemporary works of art. Each patron overhears these conversations—evolving banter, chatter, and soliloquy—with their own degree of sensitivity to the space and artist creations, and distinct voices take shape. It’s a hallmark of Suchi’s work. Her approach to guiding interpretation proved instrumental in realizing the vision of gallery owners Theresa Abel and Tim O’Neill.

Contemporary Problems Require Historical Solutions

Abel Contemporary Gallery space
Photograph provided by Abel Contemporary Gallery

Space needs order. Not that everything is in its place, but that navigationally things need to make sense. Even the most cluttered pack-rat wonderland jives with someone. But the task for a business taking on space is to make it comprehensible to everyone. When Theresa Abel and Tim O’Neill of Abel Contemporary Gallery moved their business from Paoli, the pieces fell into place for them to take on the old no. 5 tobacco warehouse in Stoughton, which had been living its latest life as an antique store.

Rising Salaries and Rental Costs

Woman in kitchen

Efforts to achieve gender equity in the workplace are fueling home sales. According to the National Association of Realtors’ latest survey of buyers and sellers, single women are now the second-largest group of Americans buying homes. That’s 18 percent of the homeowning population, up more than 10 percent from the early 1980s. Demographically, single women buying the most homes are baby boomers, but women age 37 and younger are also eager to purchase a piece of the American dream.

Custom Furniture is for Everyone

custom items from Pieces Unimagined
Photograph provided by Pieces Unimagined

There’s nothing more impressive than a custom set of furniture in any room of the house. It’s art you interact with every day that can be overengineered to last forever. These are the pieces your heirs will fight over.

Garages: Get Off the Floor

garage storage
Photograph provided by Cabinet City

Where do you keep your vacuum cleaner? How about your dishes? Card table? Pet food? My guess is the answer to most of these questions is not leaned up against a wall in the living room or kitchen. So why do we give things in our garage this treatment?

Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa)

Photograph by Samara Eisner

As Wisconsinites, most of us have our food thing: our irresistible, can’t-live-without-it thing. Whether it’s fresh squeaky cheese curds, beer brats, apple kringle, Friday fish fry, or locally crafted beer, most of us have one thing we’ll go the extra mile for. For the monarch butterfly, milkweed (Asclepias) is it. In fact, it’s the monarch caterpillar’s (larvae’s) one and only thing.

Rain Gardens: Practical and Beautiful

Rudbeckia hirta, commonly called black-eyed Susan

When the rain comes lately, it pours down hard, leaving trails in its wake and amazing us with how much it collects. How we manage rain can vary, but a rain garden is nature’s truest solution. With a little work on the install, you can be left with a treasure that will delight you, nurture the earth, and manage your rainfall without you having to think much about it.

Beyond Tours: Experiential Tourism

Soaring high above Taliesin Preservation, the Wisconsin-based nonprofit organization charged with preserving the history and architecture of Frank Lloyd Wrights personal home and estate.
Photograph by Mike McDermott

Taliesin was originally intended to be used as a center for experimentation, sharing new ideas, and creating improved ways of living. Taliesin Preservation, the Wisconsin-based nonprofit organization charged with preserving the Taliesin legacy and methods of educating the public, makes innovative thinking and living its guide to future visitor experiences.

Inspiring Nirvana

Attractive slate-grey porcelain tile with contemporary fixtures, a recessed shelf,
Photograph provided by Washa Remodeling & Design

We spend one-third of our day in the bedroom, so investing in a bed makes sense. The living room, den, or rec room gets similar treatment with furniture and entertainment expenses. But the bathroom is often about practicality. Functional sink? Check. Toilet? Check. Shower? Check. In and out, with the exception of getting away from the kids until your feet fall asleep from prolonged toilet cowering. But when the team at Washa Remodeling took on an en suite master bathroom, they set their sights on creating a spa experience that the homeowners look forward to.

You Get What You Pay For

kitchen dining area
Photograph by S.Photography/Shanna Wolf

As design professionals in the building industry, we often hear, and sometimes even say, that you get what you pay for. This Madison area teardown and rebuild home is a perfect example.

Sustainable Living: Windows of Opportunity

Windows in living room
Photograph provided by MGE

While new windows enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and can increase its value, they also can improve energy efficiency. It’s an important consideration as heat loss and gain through windows is responsible for up to 30 percent of the energy used for residential heating and cooling.