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Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce
Provided by Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce

Many spaces we interact with outside our homes tend to be designed around a single objective. In restaurants, you could almost pigeonhole the experience into merging meal with eminence—fast-food joint compared to a casual-dining chain compared to fine-dining bistro. In hospitals, the focus is ease in navigating their oftentimes complex layouts. But then there are the spaces that work to accommodate a diverse range of needs because they never quite know who will stop in for what.

Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development

Rehabbed home in Janesville, Wisconsin
Provided by Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development

The Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development (WPHD) was created in 1985 to expand affordable housing opportunities throughout Wisconsin. Since that time, we have been involved in the development and management of numerous programs, each addressing our mission and business strategy to expand options for affordable housing and revitalize neighborhoods through partnerships between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Midcentury Modern Appeal

midcentury modern furnishings
Photograph provided by Odana Antiques and Fine Arts Center

Midcentury Modern furniture and décor is rapidly becoming all the rage in America’s heartland.


master closet design
Photograph provided by Cabinet City

Believe it or not, long, long ago, many people only owned one set of clothes. This kept clothing storage needs at a minimum. But storing weapons and armor is a practice dating back several millenia. These armoriums evolved into the 17th century French armoire, which eventually became the precursor to the closets we know today. These storage units were normally only owned by the wealthy, as they had long cloaks made of expensive fabrics that needed protecting.

Those Summer Nights

items from Convivio
Photograph by Mary D'Alton of Convivio

Gin and tonic is a great way to start a party. First set up a bar with the basics—tonic, ice, and limes—then add a selection of local gins to surprise your guests with unique spirits made in our own state. Wisconsin has many craft distilleries, and almost every one of them produces a signature gin recipe with a different botanical profile. For fun, you could ask guests to describe the flavor notes and even have a taste comparison of the different local gins.

Phase One Makeovers

Yellow Home: During
Photograph provided by Garden Search & Rescue

Madison’s east side is peppered with adorable single and multifamily homes that often have oddly shaped yards. The homes have taken priority on the landscape, and the result can be somewhat harrowing. The lucky have parking; the fortunate have small yards in the front, side, or back; and a few have patios, porches, or walkways. What the areas lack in luster space-wise often counters with character. They deserve special attention as they still impact our lives in a great way, if not even greater ways, as they are often our only connection to the outside.

Bella Domicile Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom remodel
Photograph provided by Bella Domicile

Few things in a house are more frustrating than having to share a vanity with your partner. For men, you might not know what all the different makeups are for and why they need to be out all the time. For women, you ask yourself why he can’t clean up all those facial hairs and rinse the sink when he’s done. For some couples, the issues might be double. Now imagine this master bathroom is connected to the master bedroom with no doors dividing the spaces. Better get used to waking up and going to bed when the other does every night and day.

Living On Your Own Water

Beach area and rock formation shoreline patio
Provided by The Bruce Company

The upper Midwest is known for beautiful lakes and the recreation that goes with them. We look forward to summer outings and activities on a lake or in an area with lake access, but there’s less and less available lakefront property. What if you could build a body of water on your own property? The cost is less than installing a pool, and the size can be much greater per dollar invested. Private ponds offer more versatility than a pool, and they offer additional leisure options to swimming, such as canoeing, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

Modern Improv: Making a Downtown Condo Feel Spacious

In order to keep with the large scale of the pillar, a custom 10-foot-long, stainless steel hood was installed.
Photograph provided by Dream House Dream Kitchens

This 1,880-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bath condo was already modern. But the new residents wanted more closet space, more-open kitchen space, and more of an overall expansive feeling to showcase their own ultra-modern style.


House siding rendering
Photograph provided by Legacy Exteriors, LLC

Once you’ve made the decision to replace your home siding, the next step of determining material, color, and style elements can be a stressful one. You can work with a company, like Legacy Exteriors, LLC, in order to make the process more relaxed by providing you with the information you need, including the benefits of each type of siding, the colors, and styles, and the warranties available with each.

Go Green: Support Clean Energy in Our Community

Wind power
Photograph provided by MGE

It’s an unprecedented time in the energy world. New technologies are creating new opportunities to be more sustainable in how we generate and use energy in our community. Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) continues to seize these opportunities, embrace new technology, and make investments to advance our clean energy goals.