Becoming an Art Collector Can Sneak Up on You

Artwork in home
Photograph by Eric Tadsen

Last week it was reported that the painting Past Times, by Kerry James Marshall, sold for $21.1 million to Sean Combs, music mogul and art collector. The same week Amedeo Modigliani’s 1917 painting Nu couché (Sur le côté gauche) sold for $157.2 million. Purchasing high-value work and donating large sums to museums are what most people picture when they think of art patronage. But what about those who live modest lives and still fill their homes with original art, visit museums and galleries regularly, and follow the careers of living artists? When does someone become an art collector?

Foundation in Aesthetics: Pasquals Cantina

Pasquals bar area
Photograph by Eric Tadsen

When it comes to designing within any existing structure, the limitations can feel inhibiting. But in July 2016, Benjamin Roberts didn’t just find a way to make his newest Pasqual’s Cantina work in a tan-bricked historical building on East Washington, he created a restaurant that feels both fresh and familiar with key elements lending themselves to efficiency.

Common Wealth Development

main office
Photograph by Jyothi Froemming

In 1979, when Common Wealth Development (CWD) opened, Willy Street was considered a blight. CWD was created out of this with dedicated neighbors. They said we need affordable housing in perpetuity—housing as if people mattered. We need to have business incubators to cultivate a local economy, and we need workforce training. Thirty-nine years later, with parallel processes that occurred in Madison’s city development, here we are, in an invigorated Willy Street.

Is Your House Breathing or Suffocating?

Ice on roof

One of the main purposes of a house is to keep the elements out—to be a barrier between yourself and a blizzard or a heavy spring rain. But your attic is a very important exception to the rule. In fact, many aspects of attic ventilation may surprise you.

Moving to the Country

Renovated porch and terraced gardens framing the entrance.
Photograph provided by ZDA, Inc. Landscape Architecture

Our clients thought it would be fun to move to the country and found an old farmhouse on 27 acres in southern Wisconsin. But moving from a shady, well-established urban garden in Appleton to an expansive rural landscape presented a few challenges. Having seen many changes, the two-story, 1904, brick farmhouse looked lost and disconnected. Its porches had been renovated with little thought to historical accuracy or accessibility. The patios had breathtaking views of the countryside but felt too exposed and detached. Transforming this farmstead into a country paradise required recreating its sense of place to be both sheltered from and connected to the surrounding landscape.

A Home that Works!

Photograph by Home Works Remodeling

Due to a shortage of available properties, homeowners are electing to stay in their homes and invest in updates to meet their needs as they age instead of automatically thinking about moving. They’re getting creative about how to adapt their existing residence and investing more in interior cosmetic updates that will make their home feel like new for years to come.

Middleton Hills

Walls were removed between the kitchen and living room to open up the spaces to each other. A custom-built console table, by Baraboo Woodworks, sits below the window.
Photograph by Eric Tadsen

In late 2016, our clients contacted us to say they were about to close on a home in the highly desirable Middleton Hills neighborhood. The neighborhood is idyllic and one that my clients had long considered. When the property became available, they jumped at the opportunity. The only problem was that the interior of the existing home did not fit their clean, tailored, and more modern style. The home had great bones, but was in need of extensive renovation and rethinking to better suit their wants and needs.

Electric Vehicles: Time to charge ahead?

Charging your vehicle overnight is easy and convenient.
Photograph provided by Madison Gas & Electric

Have you been thinking about buying an electric vehicle (EV)? With lots of models to choose from, now could be a great time to take the leap. Let’s learn a little bit more about the why and answer that burning question that might be holding you back from an EV purchase.