Open Symmetry

Tempest Oyster Bar
Photograph by Eric Tadsen

An established space isn’t a confined space when it comes to redesign. I’m reminded of the struggles an artist friend of mine had when creating assignments for his design students. He’d establish parameters, anything from using specific techniques to approaching a select medium, and his students would initially question why he was stifling their creativity. They would learn that creativity isn’t about doing whatever you want—it’s the challenge of making an idea or a concept accessible in a defined setting through design choices that train an audience to intuitively navigate that world.

Eclectic Mix

Home furnishings
Photograph provided by Iconi Interiors and Consignment

New custom lampshades bring vintage table lamps into the 21st century. The warmth of brass and taupe look fresh and updated when placed on a cool-grey, metallic-accent chest. Mix vintage and new, and warm and cool, for modern impact.


room layout with Murphy bed
Photograph by ORG Home

What began at the turn of the century as a way to receive and court female visitors in a small San Francisco apartment without raising eyebrows has become a modern, stylish way of making the most of small spaces in today’s homes.

Thinking Outside the Bonbon Box

items from Convivio
Photograph by Mary D'Alton of Convivio

We’re all hungry for color and fun this bleak time of year. Flowers, sweets, small décor, and personal items are all inexpensive ways to brighten our spirits at the end of a long winter. Be bold when expressing your sentiments throughout the year.

What a Comfort

Madison Lighting ceiling fan
Photograph provided by Madison Lighting, taken by Shanna Wolf

Enthusiasts of ceiling fans say that in a climate like Wisconsin’s, a ceiling fan makes a huge difference in comfort. In summer, a quality ceiling fan quietly moves heavy, humid air when you want to open your windows. Air stirred by a ceiling fan feels cool to your skin because the fan actually makes a light windchill effect. This gentle movement of air makes a room feel fresher without the chilled, shut-in-with-the-air-conditioning-on feeling. Come fall, simply flip the switch so the blades turn in the opposite direction and the fan pulls cold air up from the floor to mix with the heated air near the ceiling, recirculating it, making the room feel warmer as it evens out the temperature. A ceiling fan that’s correctly sized for a room is often run throughout the year for comfort.

The Understory


The understory is a compilation of mostly native, mostly deciduous small trees and multistem shrubs—extremely hardy to variant conditions and beautiful most of the year. They offer screening from unsightly views, shade, and health to the canopy floor, and are a fantastic variation between tree and herbaceous layers. They not only plant and play well together when stacked, but also stand well alone.

Stress-Free Cats

cat playing

Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) staff and volunteers keep very busy reuniting lost pets with their families, creating new matches, and counseling community members who are facing issues with their pets. DCHS staff find the top reasons cat owners seek help are litter box issues and poor reactions to people or other pets in the house. These issues, and many others, are usually caused by stress. What can you do to help make your home less stressful for your feline friends?

Maximizing the Hidden Gem of a Diamond in the Rough

Remodeled living room
Photograph by Zane Williams

This 100-year-old house with Lake Mendota views needed some TLC. Aspects of the house were very outdated, but there were also signs of serious neglect: water stains, musty odors, extremely worn flooring, and even structural problems causing the porch to slope and feel unsafe. The new owners, although eager to make improvements to function, foundation, and style, also realized that this house had some serious historical charm. Their goal was to make the home brighter and more modern while preserving the quirky details that define Madison lake homes of this period.

Paint on Point

paint swatches
Provided by Hallman Lindsay Paints

A balanced palette of modern, yet timeless, colors for bedrooms, guest rooms, office spaces, and other auxiliary rooms in your home.

Digital Design Renderings

Kitchen rendering
Photograph provided by Coyle Carpet One Floor & Home

Experience your own HGTV moment with new technologies that allow clients to see their dream room before it comes to life through some impressive technologies. With an iPhone, we hold all the information we could possibly need in the palms of our hands. An Amazon Echo can play your favorite music and switch off the lights just from simple voice commands. And where would we be without Google?

Sustainable Living: Support Clean Energy, Use Energy Wisely

Solar power
Photograph provided by MGE

Maybe you take shorter showers or collect rainwater for your garden. Maybe you access tickets and receipts electronically from your smartphone instead of printing paper copies. Maybe you bike to work. Whatever your contribution, the reality is that more people are choosing to live sustainable lifestyles.