Changing the Game in the Kitchen

family at kitchen sink with the Galley Buffet
Photograph provided by The Galley

Different homes need different things to improve the kitchen. Some homes need new cabinets, more modern appliances, new flooring, the addition of a kitchen island, etc. But almost every homeowner can relate to the phrase, “I need more counter space!” There never seems to be enough. An innovative, American-made design product called The Galley Workstation will do just that: combine your prep space, cooking space, serving space, and cleanup space all in one compact, versatile unit while freeing up other counter space for entertaining.

The Galley Workstation is a multitiered, multifunctional sink. But this sink is a chopping block, vegetable cleaning and prep area, beverage service station, and buffet serving station all in one. Because the design includes only one drain (as opposed to the standard two-drain design of most sinks), there is less plumbing below and more storage space available. Many Galley Workstation owners like to put a recycling center, tall item storage, or even drawers in the space that is gained with only one drain.

Most standard sinks are three-feet wide. Galley Workstations are available in custom widths up to seven feet, but the most popular sizes are the four-foot and five-foot widths. With a five-foot-wide station, there is space for two functioning workstations, which really lends itself to family meal prep and larger-scale entertaining. Cost for installation, of course, depends on the existing structure of the kitchen, but an average of $1,000 per foot is a good starting point for budgeting. People have always liked to hang out in the kitchen, but sometimes that’s stressful for the cook. The Galley Workstation makes it a fun and interactive space for gathering around the total meal experience.

Style options include single- or double-bowl sinks, apron front (otherwise known as farmhouse style), and undermount. The units are constructed from 16-gauge, top-quality stainless steel, and can be installed in granite, quartz, and wood countertops (not in laminate counters). Installation time is no longer than for any standard sink.

The station can include Culinary Kit accessory packages, providing cutting boards in various materials, colanders, knife blocks, dish drying racks, serving bowls, condiment serving boards, garnish boards, and more. The clever design allows for cutting boards to be used in multiple levels, and special dry dock extenders can further increase counter space to cover the top of the dishwasher. Galley Workstations can be used in other areas of the home too. They make great fish cleaning stations in the garage, or wet bars in outdoor kitchens.

The most frequent feedback that Bella Domicile receives from clients who have installed a Galley Workstation in their kitchen is that it has not only made the details of food prep, service, and cleanup easier, but it has completely changed the way that their family cooks together and enjoys each other in the kitchen. And it makes entertaining friends and family easier and less daunting in their busy schedules. Galley Workstation owners remain excited about their purchases long after the shiny newness has worn off.

The Galley Workstation may be a small detail in the grand scheme of your kitchen design, but it is a game changer that will improve your lifestyle on a daily basis.

Dondi Szombatfalvy is a Lead Designer at Bella Domicile.

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