Bathroom Trends The Spa Feel in a Smaller Space

Bathroom remodel
Photograph provided by Washa Remodeling & Design

There are many homes with medium-sized bathrooms with outdated fixtures and décor from the 90s that are in desperate need of a facelift. Our project homeowners were hoping for a spa feel without changing the basic footprint of the existing bathroom. The focus of the project was to replace a jetted bathtub (with moldy jets) with a more modern tub as the visual centerpiece, and to update the shower both cosmetically and functionally.

The room was gutted to the studs. Plumbing was housed in exterior walls—not a great idea in Wisconsin—so spray foam insulation was applied before work began on the interior cosmetic updates.

The new tub was a round soaker tub with standpipe faucet, including a handheld wand. The water inlet was placed in the floor instead of the wall, creating the European feel the homeowner was looking for. The vanity and shower were built around the tub, making the tub the focal point of the room.

Modern shower updates included a frameless shower door for a clean, modern look; new subway tiles with accent bands; bench seating; and shampoo niches to avoid clutter on the floor. The honeycomb tile pattern on the shower floor was repeated in the shampoo niches for continuity.

The homeowner had ordered Italian-ceramic, faux-wood tile for the entire bathroom floor, but there ended up being a shortage to finish the project. After a discussion with the homeowner, a solution was formed in changing the orientation of the tile to a herringbone pattern in order to reduce the total amount needed, which led to the project being completed in a timely fashion without having to wait for more tile to be shipped.

The new vanity and lighting and fresh wall covering contribute to the warm feeling of the overall space. Gold accents in the light fixtures, wall covering, and vanity hardware add visual interest, continuity, and warmth. Using industrial Edison bulbs that are gold tinted on the bottom to reflect light upward creates a clean horizontal line with the edge of the light. Geometric patterns in the wallcovering combine with the unique shape of the mirrors to add further visual impact. Adding a gold globe ornamental light fixture over the tub completes the look. Recessed can lights, including a vented can light in the shower, provide needed light.

The bathroom remodel was all about the details. Carefully chosen design features create a modern spa bathroom that the homeowner can enjoy without adding on.

Article submitted by Washa Remodeling & Design, which has been helping Madison area homeowners create beautiful and functional spaces since 1983.

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