Brass is Back

Brass hardware
Photograph provided by The Hardware Studio

Though this time, it’s less brassy. The new finishes are richer and more luxurious, embracing natural, tarnished, aged, and antiqued patinas under polished, satin, and brushed finishes. Though lacquered pieces capture the beauty of the chosen finish, going unlacquered allows the piece to change with the environment over time.

Painted cabinets and doors in whites, blacks, grays, navy blues, dark greens, and blue-greens pair beautifully with brass. Go contemporary with brushed brass or more traditional with aged brass. Whatever you want. There are no rules when it comes to your style.

On a budget? You could go with plated finishes that give you the same look for less cash, or try mixing metals. A little bit of pop from the brass goes a long way with the chrome faucet in the bathroom or kitchen. From modern farmhouse to mid-century modern to traditional, the right brass hardware to complement your existing hardware is available.

It’s jewelry for your home. Sometimes silver is in, sometimes it’s all about gold, and then there are times when people are mixing it up. Changing door and cabinet hardware is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give your home’s interior a whole new look.

Items sourced from The Hardware Studio in Madison.