Thinking Outside the Bonbon Box

items from Convivio
Photograph by Mary D'Alton of Convivio

We’re all hungry for color and fun this bleak time of year. Flowers, sweets, small décor, and personal items are all inexpensive ways to brighten our spirits at the end of a long winter. Be bold when expressing your sentiments throughout the year.

Paper is a wonderful material for decorating, corresponding, and for just treating yourself to something unique. Paper flowers are a great craft activity for early spring. Notebooks with happy flowered covers are perfect for keeping a journal or making to-do lists.

Ribbon goes with everything and makes it more festive. Find ribbons with images that have special meaning for the people in your life. It ties a gift together in more ways than one—it’s also an inexpensive way to treat yourself to a small luxury.

Chocolate = Love

Packaging is part of the charm. Beautifully wrapped chocolate bars or chocolate-covered espresso beans are a different take on treats. Put them in unique, unexpected containers, like the brass dog pictured below, for personalized impact.

Highly Recommended in Hot Chocolate: Coffee Liqueur

A simple and delicious way to take a mocha to a new level and great for welcoming friends to an afternoon event or outdoor skating or sledding party.

Items sourced by Convivio in Spring Green.