Go Green: Support Clean Energy in Our Community

Wind power
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It’s an unprecedented time in the energy world. New technologies are creating new opportunities to be more sustainable in how we generate and use energy in our community. Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) continues to seize these opportunities, embrace new technology, and make investments to advance our clean energy goals.

Under our Energy 2030 framework, we’re committed to reducing carbon emissions at least 40 percent by 2030. Beyond 2030, MGE is targeting carbon emissions reductions of at least 80 percent by 2050. By working with our customers, we can meet—or even exceed—our carbon reduction goals.

Growing the company’s use of renewable energy, and thereby reducing carbon intensity in electric generation, is a key strategy for achieving deep decarbonization. MGE is actively working toward deep decarbonization by advancing clean energy projects and programs for customers.

Growing Our Use of Wind and Solar Energy
Earlier this year, MGE’s 66-megawatt (MW) Saratoga Wind Farm began delivering carbon-free energy to the electric grid. Located in northeast Iowa, Saratoga's 33 wind turbines produce enough clean energy to power about 47,000 households.

MGE also is working to build two large-scale solar projects. The Badger Hollow Solar Farm and Two Creeks Solar projects, both in Wisconsin, would add 100 MW of new solar capacity. This is another step in MGE’s ongoing transition toward cleaner energy sources.

Partnering with Customers
For customers who want to power their home or business with 100 percent renewable energy, MGE offers residential customers and businesses of all sizes an opportunity to support clean energy by taking part in voluntary programs.

• Shared Solar. MGE plans to expand its successful community solar program with a second solar installation in the service territory. An expansion of the program will allow more customers, including small- and medium-size business customers, to participate. Shared Solar gives customers the opportunity to power their home or business with locally generated solar at minimal upfront cost. Participating customers may receive up to half of their annual electricity use through the program. Join the Shared Solar waiting list to be among the first to learn details about the program's expansion. MGE’s Shared Solar pilot project, in partnership with the City of Middleton, came online in 2017. The 500-kilowatt array is on the roof of the City's Municipal Operations Center.

• Green Power Tomorrow. MGE's Green Power Tomorrow (GPT) program is another optional green energy program for customers. It’s an easy and affordable way to power your home or business with 100 percent clean energy. Customers who subscribe pay a penny more per kilowatt-hour to receive all or a percentage of their electricity from wind and solar resources in our region. A residential customer with typical monthly electricity usage could go 100 percent green for about $5 more per month. About 10,000 residential customers participate in this program.

• Renewable Energy Rider. Under this program, MGE partners with large customers on customized renewable energy solutions. This new service can provide renewable energy to power all or a portion of a business. Last year, MGE and Dane County announced plans for a solar installation of up to 8 MW on County-owned land near Dane County Regional Airport. Under the renewable energy rider, MGE will own the solar infrastructure; lease the land from Dane County; and sell the energy to Dane County, which has the goal of 100 percent renewable energy for its operations. This is the first project announced under MGE’s renewable energy rider.

MGE also partners with customers who want to install solar on their premises and connect those resources to our community grid. There are nearly 700 customer-owned wind and solar resources located throughout our community feeding our electric grid.

Electrifying Transportation, Promoting Energy Efficiency
In addition to advancing clean energy, MGE is working with customers and stakeholders to promote energy efficiency and to electrify transportation, both of which are key strategies for achieving deep decarbonization.

Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program, our partner in energy efficiency and renewable energy, connects residents and businesses with information, resources, and financial incentives for completing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The program can help you move forward on energy-related improvements for your home or business.

Customers also can visit the MGE and Energy 2030 websites for tips on saving energy. By reducing our collective energy use, we are practicing good environmental stewardship and helping to reach shared energy goals for our community.

Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to grow in popularity. MGE is a resource to learn more about the future of electric transportation. Our energy experts work with customers, municipalities, property owners, employers, and community partners to grow the use of EVs and to enable charging opportunities. We continue to transition our own vehicle fleet to all-electric or hybrid where possible and have implemented workplace charging. We use our experience to help customers do the same as we work to electrify transportation and expand charging options throughout our community.

MGE's LovEV web resource is dedicated to sharing with customers the different aspects of driving an EV. From the types of models available to charging options as well as cost and environmental considerations, LovEV is an easy online stop to learn more about the EV experience.

Learn More
Technology is changing the energy landscape and offering exciting new opportunities. Learn more about our new projects and programs and find energy-saving tips and more online. By working together, we can create a more sustainable future for our community. Join us.

As your community energy company, MGE is your source for energy-saving information. Visit mge.com and energy2030together.com . Or talk to an energy expert on MGE's Home Energy Line at 608.252.7117 or 800.245.1125, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or by email at AskExperts@mge.com .

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