Midcentury Modern Appeal

midcentury modern furnishings
Photograph provided by Odana Antiques and Fine Arts Center

Midcentury Modern furniture and décor is rapidly becoming all the rage in America’s heartland.

The term Midcentury Modern is commonly used to refer to pieces from the 1920s to the 1960s. Its style is defined by sleek lines, classic simplicity, functionality, and superb craftsmanship. The style is an offspring of Modernism, which has its roots in the industrial revolution and post-World War I period. Midcentury Modern innovatively embraced the use of glass, metal, vinyl, and plywood. The objective was to make quality, well-designed furniture for the average consumer. Its popularity is enduring decades later.

  1. Josef Lenhard watercolor

  2. G Plan of England teak vanity

  3. Midcentury teak table with 18-inch butterfly leaf circa 1960 by A.H. McIntosh & Co. Ltd. Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Sitting on the table is a 10 Piece Midcentury Dorothy Thorpe Silver Fade ice bucket and 8 tumblers in chrome caddy

  4. Marshall Studios ceramic lamp

  5. Marcel Breuer for Knoll Wassily Chair in chrome and leather

Items sourced from Odana Antiques and Fine Arts Center. odanaantiques.com