master closet design
Photograph provided by Cabinet City

Believe it or not, long, long ago, many people only owned one set of clothes. This kept clothing storage needs at a minimum. But storing weapons and armor is a practice dating back several millenia. These armoriums evolved into the 17th century French armoire, which eventually became the precursor to the closets we know today. These storage units were normally only owned by the wealthy, as they had long cloaks made of expensive fabrics that needed protecting.

In 1880, The Dakota, one of the first luxurious apartment complexes in New York City, introduced a new level of closet decadence and promoted their spacious closets complete with electrical outlets, locking doors, and special shelves for shoes. During the 1950s, these types of closets became standard in middle-class homes as people left the cities and moved to the suburbs in search of larger homes that fit their middle-class budgets.

Today, the master closet is truly one of the most important features of the ideal living space. We expect function and ease from all areas of our homes, including our closets. Utilizing customizable features available to homeowners and remodelers, it’s easy to create a storage space that you actually enjoy spending time in. Busy professionals with growing families need to keep everyday things as organized as possible, and the possibilities for achieving closet nirvana are endless!