Let Us Entertain You!

custom entertainment wall
Photograph provided by Cabinet City

The burgeoning craft cocktail movement has changed the way adult beverages are served when entertaining at home. A simple Rum and Coke or Vodka Tonic is no longer considered a signature drink from a savvy host. Now we need to have a fully stocked bar including local spirits, local craft beers, assorted mixers, garnishes, flavored bitters, simple syrups, appropriate glassware, shakers, strainers, etc. You can create a true beverage center that gives you room for a state-of-the-art coffee machine and all the accoutrements that go with gourmet coffee.

These ingredients and equipment require a dedicated bar space with custom storage, prep area, and a bar sink that won’t compete with your food prep sink. Installing a wet bar for entertaining doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and it will allow you to prepare and serve drinks in the presence of your guests so you can remain involved in the mingling. Adding a wine fridge to the space allows you to have wines at the perfect drinking temperature, and frees up space in your main kitchen refrigerator for food and condiments. A custom wet bar is a great way to utilize a forgotten corner of your dining room and make a small, underutilized area efficient and useful.

Remember those clunky, unattractive pieces of pressboard furniture that encased stereos and televisions in the ‘80s? Entertainment centers challenged any cohesive style or vibe of a room. They seemed to float separately from everything else and were eyesores in a grand decorating scheme. Today’s custom entertainment walls can become attractive focal points, including beautiful display areas for objects of art or family photos. Suddenly, your flat-screen television is integrated into the overall style of your room, whether you’re watching or not.