Current Design Trends Help Reclaim a Kitchen

A kitchen renovation creating a feeling of spaciousness
Photograph by Molly Mo Photography

The homeowner wanted to bring their kitchen into the 21st century with a lighter, more open kitchen design. Creating a feeling of spaciousness while remaining connected to the other rooms in the home accomplished this goal. The room now feels rustic, yet modern, incorporating the perfect combination of earthy details and contemporary finishes.

Structural Changes
A major structural change was required: reframing the existing trusses to allow vaulted ceilings to be the cornerstone of the new design. The airy ceilings were then carried into the adjoining sunroom, creating a nice flow from one space to the next.

Current Trend: Reclaimed Barn Wood
Adding cosmetic, reclaimed barn-wood beams from Deconstruction, Inc. added a rustic farm-style touch to both the kitchen and sunroom spaces while retaining continuity between rooms.

As often happens with remodeling projects, unexpected noncosmetic needs arose. The crawlspace under the kitchen required spray foam insulation to prevent drafts from entering the space.

The window directly above the new black soapstone sink was enlarged to add more natural light. Recessed can lights were installed when the vaulted ceilings were added.

Current Trend: Oversized Pendant Lighting Fixtures
Lighting fixtures placed over the kitchen island add warmth to balance the crisp, white cabinets.

The existing oak flooring was sanded down to bare wood and refinished to a brighter color to add to the increased feeling of lightness in the space.

An underutilized door to the outside was removed to create a nook for a baking/prep station with wet bar and wine fridge. The cabinets are grey, adding to the feeling of a separate unique space within the overall design.

Current Trend: Open Shelving
Not lining all the wall surfaces with bulky cabinets adds to the spacious, airy feel of the kitchen. Attractive, often-used dishes can be displayed and remain easily accessible on open shelves.

Soapstone, while more fragile than granite, has a softer, more natural/earthy look. Black granite would have been too slick and harsh for the desired aesthetic, but the soapstone, with all its natural veining, is the perfect surface to go with the reclaimed-brick wall surfaces. Soapstone, however, requires sealing to protect it from absorbing liquids and stains.

Current Trend: Reclaimed Brick
Balancing the white cabinetry, reclaimed brick from Deconstruction, Inc. was used as the backsplash behind the main sink and on adjoining walls. For a softer, more natural surface that echoes the softness of the soapstone counters, the bricks were cut in half before installing.

Commercial grade Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances replaced the dated ones in the original kitchen. Stainless steel finishes are balanced by the softer touches of the countertops and wall surfaces.

Current Trend: Built-In Microwaves
No more countertop microwaves taking up space and creating clutter.

One has only to compare the before images with the final results to see how tastefully incorporating current design trends, even in a more modest home, can completely change a kitchen for the better, making a space feel light, bright, and welcoming!

Photographs by Molly Mo Photography.

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