The Home Entertainment Experience

items from Pieces Unimagined
Photograph provided by Pieces Unimagined

Holiday parties can be more than eating and drinking. If you’re the host, you can make them an extension of yourself with the experience you create for your guests. I know a couple who uses their midcentury decorating penchant to give their guests a lively experience by inviting 17 aluminum Christmas trees to the party. Everyone remembers every moment, and I look forward to each year's invitation.

Entertaining often begins with furnishing your home not to impress, but as an expression. Start with sentimental items you find beautiful, and display them in ways that speak to you. Use them to tell a personal story, which then translates into a memorable experience for others.

William Morris, 18th century designer and poet, perfectly describes my design philosophy: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Display family heirlooms and photos and unique furnishings you like. Loved your trip to China? Include the souvenirs. Found a great desk? Buy it and then appoint the surface with items that fascinate you. And don't be afraid to add the art you like, even if you think others may find it too far out. It’s your home, your story.

In creating a home as yours, your taste will not just please you, it will also intrigue guests and stimulate relaxed conversations. Your party will be the one people remember, and they’ll be waiting for their next invite!

Items sourced from Pieces Unimagined.