Kid's Closets

custom kid's closets
Photograph by ORG Home

There’s nothing quite like having kids in your life. A newborn’s reliance turns into unbridled love, and before you know it, they’re resentful teenagers ready to take on the world with overconfidence and a blog. Through it all, their organizational needs will change, and being able to adapt to those needs is much easier when we incorporate versatility into the spaces our kids interact with on a daily basis.

Closets are notorious hampers. Without shelving, shoes get buried under dirty clothes and forgotten boardgames. One might consider hiring a contractor to install shelves, drawers, and closet rods for hangers. But if this is done when your child is three years old, the likelihood of the closet fitting their new clothes, toys, and backpack when they turn six is unlikely.

A 32-millimeter adjustable closet rod system offers a flexible permanent solution. When your child is younger, you can use triple hanging in one section of the closet to open up the other end for games, dolls, and folded laundry. When they start to wear larger clothes, pop out a shelf and a rod to provide a wider space for double hanging. Everything moves to create the organization the next year requires as different interests in sports and hobbies dictate.

With those interests also comes a need to station a craft/hobby space. Providing such a space keeps the house cleaner while ensuring a reduced frequency of distractions. It also helps reduce expenditures, like buying another pair of scissors even though you know you have three perfectly good pairs somewhere not in the tumbler—where they’re supposed to be!

Designing these spaces earlier on gives your child the tools they need to stay organized, helping them facilitate their drive to discover who they are and what they love.

Photographs by ORG Home.