entryway cabinets
Photograph provided by Cabinet City

Going outside in Wisconsin weather can feel a bit like suiting up. Hat, gloves, scarf, mittens, boots, jacket, and that’s if it’s just you. Maybe you have a toddler or infant. You’ll want to grab their diaper bag, and then there’s the whole fight to get them to stop taking off their mittens. After hunting down your child’s missing shoe, you reach for your car keys and…car keys…car keys…where are the—

It doesn’t have to be this way. Building the right entryway system for your home’s primary entrance can reduce the stress of getting ready and help keep the rest of your house in shape.

What a lot of people don’t take time to consider is that the unmodified foyer closet, with one place to hang coats and maybe a shelf or two, is not the only way to keep outdoor things out of sight. Boot benches are great for storage and have the added benefit of being a place to sit so you don’t have to dance your shoes off. Or how about a locker system to give a home to those things occupying the closet floor. You can also get rid of that milk crate filled with sports equipment.

Entryways are a shared space in the home, which can lead to a lot of frustration. But if it’s thought out, an entryway can actually be useful and organized. You can add convenient touches, like putting up a whiteboard for notes to let the family know if the dog has been out, where the kids are, and to keep track of upcoming appointments.

Contact the experts at Cabinet City to help narrow down your options. They have the experience to ensure your entryway becomes the one that’s right for you.

Photographs provided by Cabinet City.