Madison Lighting 2020 Trends: Light Changes Everything

Photograph provided by Madison Lighting

It’s easy to think of lighting as simply décor, but lighting is an important facet in the design of your home. There are areas of your home that simply crave light: task areas, dining room, and entryway. In fact, one source of light is never enough in a kitchen, they’re that complex!

So start at the top and select lighting that will gently light the space. Then enhance your task areas with sconces. By adding matte black, a 2020 trend, you fill a design need with updated décor. Combine the sconce lighting, under-cabinet light where needed, and recessed lighting over the lead edge of the counters for optimum ambiance and visibility.

Whether it’s a kitchen table or an island, pendants bring surfaces to life. Incorporate the black matte finish on the pendants for sharp contrast to a bright white kitchen with touches of natural wood to warm and calm the design.

Photographs provided by Madison Lighting of install completed for a Shaw Building & Design project.

Items sourced by Madison Lighting.