Add a Little Edge to Your Home

items from Pieces Unimagined
Photograph provided by Pieces Unimagined

Don't be afraid of furniture with an edge! The genre Industrial Modern (I.M.) may lead you first to think cold urban loft, but there are degrees of warmth that you can control by changing the amount you bring into a space. The key is how you incorporate, and the result can be spectacular.

If you’re attracted to I.M. features, like drawers, baskets, mixed woods, metals, imaginative repurposing, and overengineered quality that lasts forever, snatch the ones that catch your attention and try them in your space. They’ll be practical and useful, and provide an interesting contrast to other pieces.

You’ll be amazed how the introduction of I.M. pieces can make a room pop. Even your other furniture and accessories will start to look new again.

Items sourced from Pieces Unimagined.