Custom Furniture is for Everyone

custom items from Pieces Unimagined
Photograph provided by Pieces Unimagined

There’s nothing more impressive than a custom set of furniture in any room of the house. It’s art you interact with every day that can be overengineered to last forever. These are the pieces your heirs will fight over.

You’ll probably brag about how little you actually paid for that industrial workbench turned coffee table. The process of working with a designer to create a piece isn’t just unique, it allows you to set a budget for the team of artists to work within.

And custom doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. Oftentimes, the modification of an existing piece saves money and creates something meaningful to you.

For space saving, there’s nothing better. Set your parameters on a dining table that can convert to a workstation and into a bar.

Custom furniture isn’t a status symbol, it’s a reflection of the person who owns it. Turn your home into something that’s a little more you, and a little less big-box showroom.

Items sourced from Pieces Unimagined.