Garages: Get Off the Floor

garage storage
Photograph provided by Cabinet City

Where do you keep your vacuum cleaner? How about your dishes? Card table? Pet food? My guess is the answer to most of these questions is not “leaned up against a wall in the living room or kitchen.” So why do we give things in our garage this treatment?

Sure, it’s where the cars live and it’s practically outside, but the cars aren’t going to pick up after us. If you took all the clutter in your garage and put it in most kitchens, you’d be lucky to have floor space left over.

Chris Schmidt of Cabinet City says, “The garage is perceived as this dirty place. The cars are never clean. The floor is always dirty. Putting some sort of hanging rack system or cabinetry in the garage for your personal items would make everything feel less dirty.” Hand tools, lawn tools, and dog tools make your garage look a bit of a mess when they’re scattered about or in piles.

Another thing people don’t think about is getting their bikes and kayaks off the floor. Even if you use these items several times a week, cargo carriers and racking mounts can be so easy to utilize that putting things away isn’t much different than hanging up your coat.

Lastly, consider all that space in your garage’s attic. It’s great for seasonal items and other decorations used on an annual basis.

Keeping the garage clean is part of keeping the house clean. When the garage is organized, you might find that you can move some of the indoor clutter to a giant room you didn’t even know you had.

Photographs provided by Cabinet City.