Room to Grow

custom closet storage
Photograph provided by Cabinet City

Apartments can be the right fit for a lot of people at different phases in life, from the recent high school graduate to a family saving up for their starter home to the retired worker no longer wanting to maintain a yard. No matter the situation, finding space for everything you own in an apartment is a daily hurdle.

It starts with the closet. Many apartments use a mounted wire racking system that’s not adjustable. This one-size-fits-all design essentially leads to unused closet space. A five-foot-tall person isn’t going to make practical use of six-foot-high shelving.

“When it comes to apartments, you’re typically talking about reach-in closets,” says Chris Schmidt of Cabinet City. “When it comes to those, we usually stick to the three needs: standard-length hanging for your shirts or folding over pants, longer hanging for your dresses and things like that, and then shelving.” Cabinet City takes this philosophy and adds a high degree of versatility. The shelves and racks can be adjusted to accommodate any resident, whether they prefer more room for shoes or a lower rack so children can easily grab their coats and sweatshirts.

Cabinet City can come to your apartment, with your landlord’s permission, and install a custom system that you can take with you when you move out without having to unscrew it from the wall. They also make custom locker systems and boot benches to help keep things organized by the door.

Having furniture that doubles as storage as well as closets without wasted or difficult-to-access space are keys to making apartment life a lot less cluttered and a lot more like home.