Accessorizing Your Accessorizer

custom closet storage
Photograph provided by Cabinet City

A 32mm closet system might be the longest-lasting investment you make for your house. The versatility is unmatched, the need for more storage is constant, and myriad accessories mean you’ll never have unused space.

Think of any room in your house—garage, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, attic, entryway. None are the same when it comes to organization, so companies across the globe have been making new accessories for 32mm closet systems to accommodate trendy and age-old lifestyles year after year.

It’s not just shelving and closet rods. There are hooks for hoses, rails for hampers, and drawers for drawers. Have problems with tool storage? Try a double-sided pegboard that slides out on a rail. Baking ingredients loaded in cabinets like last year’s holiday decorations? Maybe a shelf that operates like a drawer with a built-in lazy Susan is just what you need. Chris Schmidt of Cabinet City says, “With that 32mm system, you can put those accessories anywhere in the closet.”

Remember the furniture in the 90s? A lot of it incorporated some sort of CD rack system. Now those racks are almost useless. But imagine if you could swap out the racks for boardgame storage or a liquor cabinet. That’s what these closets are all about.

The only guarantee in life is that there is no guarantee. Getting an expert to install one of these closet systems ensures you’ll always have the accessories and ability to accommodate life’s next changeup.