A Minimalist Kitchen: Enhanced Function and Efficiency

kitchen by Washa Remodeling & Design
Photograph provided by Washa Remodeling & Design

Minimalist design is a popular trend in both kitchen and bathroom remodels—you take away the focal points and allow the room to speak for itself. It’s a clean, functional, less-is-more approach.

In a kitchen space, minimalism lends itself to better flow. Every item must have a use, or even better, serve a dual purpose, or it must go. Definitely no duplicates! This creates clutter-free counters, allowing for a much more functional kitchen.

This minimalist kitchen, recently completed by Washa Remodeling & Design in the Shorewood Hills neighborhood, fits the description perfectly. The original design caused the space to immediately feel cramped. The upper cabinets shrank the width of the kitchen, and there was wasted space due to a service door leading into the backyard. To open up the limited space, the service door was abandoned, and a large picture window was added to expand the sight lines.

The minimalist design was completely embraced by the homeowners, especially when it came to their color-scheme selection. The white walls and ceiling and muted grey accent wall contrast nicely with the black island cabinets, providing depth to the space. A white quartz countertop was chosen to enhance their clean-look goals. With no appliances on the countertops, the homeowners thought a countertop with multiple colors and veining would look too busy—a contradiction to the intended design.

The single hardest issue to overcome in this remodel was a lack of storage space. Since there would be no upper cabinets, the storage space would be reduced by half. This problem was further compounded by needing to hide kitchen appliances to keep the countertops clean. At a bare minimum, most homeowners need a toaster, coffeemaker, and microwave. We ultimately hid the microwave in a built-in island space, the toaster behind cabinet doors, and the coffeemaker was moved to a beverage bar at the end of the kitchen. It’s amazing how once you commit to making sure that everything in your kitchen has a function, the amount of storage space needed is greatly reduced.

A minimalist-designed kitchen is appealing to many because of the functionality and efficiency that comes with the clean, modern look. But all kitchen styles and looks can work; you just need to determine and incorporate the one that best works for you.

Nick Siglinsky is a project/marketing manager at Washa Remodeling & Design.

Photographs provided by Washa Remodeling & Design.

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