Building a House to Make a Home

Bathroom vanity
Photograph provided by DesignWell Interiors

A custom home is a unique opportunity to design and build your house with the intent to make it your home, marrying the importance of lifestyle design function with all the beautiful things you love. It’s important to think through the design of your home on a personal level.

Start by considering your hobbies and asking yourself how you want to entertain guests, where you’ll spend most of your time, if you need a separate space for kids (a question most important considering the past year), and where you’ll showcase your collection of artwork. The goal when designing a new home is to connect function to aesthetic. The finish materials are the best part, don’t get us wrong, but if you’re in love with a certain wallpaper and end up without a wall to showcase it or have your heart set on displaying a particular heirloom but it doesn’t end up fitting on any of your shelving, you’ve missed out on the opportunity to design your home with the intent to perfectly marry function and aesthetic. There’s nothing more disheartening than coming into a home post construction to help a client finish out their design and they say, “I wish I would’ve done ‘x.’” It can be as simple as a light fixture placement to light up an accent wall or shelf.

As a growing family with evolving styles, this new construction client in Waunakee set out to create a home where function and design enhance one another through well-thought-out decisions. When this client decided they were going to be putting in a pool, we suggested moving the powder bath from the space off the mudroom, which is a pretty traditional spot, to the back corner of the kitchen, the room nearest the pool. Now when the kids come inside to use the bathroom, they aren’t traipsing through the house. The swap of the powder bath with the pocket office allowed for an additional design detail of arched doors in the foyer which opens to the pocket office, providing the display for this amazing wallpaper the client knew she had to have while not sacrificing any of the powder-bath design aesthetic. It also allowed for the client’s home office and work space to be centrally located in the home along with the coffee and wine bar, which is imperative in a busy household with four children.

Once the floorplan and materials have been selected, it’s just as important to finish the design process by piecing together furniture and accessory plans to be able to plan for all of the things you love. These details truly make a house personal, unique, and a true home for your family to enjoy both functionally and aesthetically.

Amanda Van Wie is the owner and principal designer at DesignWell Interiors. Her studio is located in Waunakee, where she lives with her husband and four children.

Photographs provided by DesignWell Interiors.

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