Crispy Fern
Photograph provided by Avid Gardener

Having Green plants in our homes and schools is an important component of creating a sustainable indoor ecology and healthy minds and bodies. Indoor plants lead to an improved overall environmental quality while creating a happier and calmer space for creative and focused learning.

Your Brain on Nature: Indoor plants psychologically link us to nature. They also stimulate both physiological and psychological relaxation responses.

Breathe Easy: Indoor plants improve air quality by removing carbon dioxide, particulates, benzene, and up to 90 percent of formaldehyde.

Comfort is King: Plants increase ambient humidity in dry indoor environments. Plants are known to increase room humidity from 20 percent to a more comfortable 30 percent under bright lighting conditions.

Friendly Flora: Houseplants supply beneficial bacteria and increase the microbial diversity in the indoor environment, benefiting human health indoors.

Credit for the plant facts goes to the NICH (National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture).

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