Large Storage

large storage options
Photograph provided by Cabinet City

Four totes of snow clothes, three rolls of holiday lights, two oversized yard inflatables, and a molting partially assembled fake Christmas tree. Yeah, there’s not much rhythm and rhyme there, but the same could probably be said about how you store these things in the attic, basement, or garage. Now is the best time to give those totes and large items their own space.

Since no two piles of clutter are the same, a good place to start is custom shelving. Chris Schmidt of Cabinet City says, “When we go to preview the site, we like to say don’t hide anything. Don’t put anything away. Leave it out because you need to tell me what is priority to get organized. … We’re only going to get more stuff.”

Consider complementing your custom shelves with HyLoft, a type of ceiling-mounted shelving that allows homeowners to take advantage of high ceilings. HyLoft can be used in both open and tight areas, like the unused space above your parked car and the gap between the ceiling and open garage door.

Your floor is also something that can be a great place to store larger items if you don’t treat it like a landfill. We try to be careful when it comes to what items we put on concrete due to moisture wicking, but with an appropriate and cost-effective vinyl snap-and-lock tile floor, you can ensure your basement and garage are going to stay dry enough to store your fancy cardboard Peanuts display.

Whether you’re storing giant LED stars for the holidays, a mannequin collection for Halloween, or you simply need a more convenient place to store what you already have, organizing your storage areas will help you ease into each season by eliminating the annual archeological excavation.

Photographs provided by Cabinet City.