Organizing with Silver Track

garage organization
Photograph provided by Dream House Dream Kitchens

Organizing the garage is something on a lot of our to-do lists. We’ve discussed HyLoft shelving systems to utilize ceiling space for storage, but what about wall space? “The garage typically, when you do square footage of wall, has more wall space than multiple rooms in the home combined,” says Chris Schmidt of Dream House Dream Kitchens.

First thing to come to mind with utilizing your garage wall space is shelving. Next might be some sort of cabinet system. Both of these solutions can provide a lot in terms of staying organized and getting things off the floor, but having three walls lined with larger storage conveniences might make your garage feel crowded.

That’s where slatted walls and silver track come in. These low-profile storage solutions utilize movable hooks along a track, allowing quick adjustments to complement lifestyle changes along with items that we need throughout the seasons, like shovels, rakes, and brooms.

“The track systems allow you to get those things that you don’t want to store in the home or carry down to the storage space in the basement up off the floor,” says Chris. “In some applications, you get those things off the floor above your head, above the car, and above some of the items in your garage that can’t get off the floor, like snowblowers and bike carriers.”

Having things organized means when you’re running late for a tee time, want to enjoy a picnic, or are taking the kids to practice, you aren’t messing around trying to get everything together. As Chris says, “Nobody likes playing what am I not thinking of.”

Photographs provided by Dream House Dream Kitchens.