Paint on Point: Hope Comfort, and Possibility

Color of 2021, Simple Serenity 0614
Photograph provided by Hallman Lindsay

After the unexpected and challenging year that 2020 turned out to be, we can all use a lot of reassurance and calm. Enter Simple Serenity 0614; comforting, hopeful and full of possibility, this heavenly hue is our color for 2021.

With some gentle inspiration, this serene shade both restores and uplifts. Paired with carefully curated off-whites, muted natural hues, and soft graphic complements, Simple Serenity 0614 will transform your home into a haven.

Ideal for places of respite, this harmonious scheme is designed to restore and rejuvenate. Fresh Linen 0180 and Hidden Cove 0210 give this tinted blue a light and airy mood for living and dining areas. Or be a little creative with these calming shades in a simple decorative mural for your little ones.

Use a livelier palette for a crisp kitchen update with a sunny mood by applying Simple Serenity 0614 alongside Nilla Vanilla 0003 and highlights of cheery Fire Dance 0799. For a more subtle approach, the tonal transition between Simple Serenity 0614 and Chicago Skyline 0631 feels effortlessly modern, working well with smooth black furniture and vibrant yellow accessories.

Bring in a breath of fresh air by matching Simple Serenity 0614 with earthy and sun-bleached hues. Acting as a complementary color, this gentle blue works perfectly with tonal light to dark Kingdom Key's 0160, Peace of Mind 1004, and Caramel Candy 0051, resulting in a cozy atmosphere for bedrooms and snug living rooms. For painted exterior doors and woodwork, Simple Serenity 0614 is a welcome pop of color next to warm neutral Big Spender 0212.

Sophisticated bathrooms have extra impact when Simple Serenity 0614 is defined with deep and dark Day Spa 0634 for cabinets, coupled with crisp Luna Moon 0017 and cooling Ice Flow 0448 for walls. For an even bolder look, accent this grouping with a flash of punchy primary-red Empower 1095.

Of course, our color of the year isn’t limited to 2021. With so much versatility, Simple Serenity 0614 is truly timeless and will be a welcome addition to your home for years to come.