The Right Upholstery for Everyone

White couch
Photograph provided by Waunakee Furniture ETC

Have you ever been confused about fabrics and leathers and what would work best for your home and your lifestyle?

Custom upholstery is simpler than it seems. That’s why so many questions are asked on how you live—to get a better idea of what would work best in your home.

Many manufacturers include fabric cleaning codes on their products, like these:

S – Clean with pure petroleum distillate-based solvents only. Water-based or detergent-based cleaners may cause excessive shrinkage. Water stains may become permanent.

SW – Clean with either water-based cleaning agents, foam, or pure petroleum distillate-based solvents.

W – Clean with water-based cleaning agents or foam to remove overall soil. (Note: many household cleaners are harmful to the color and life of a fabric.)

X – Do not clean. Only lightly vacuum.

Knowing how to care for your furniture is the first step in prolonging the life and the look of your piece.

Submitted by the Design Team at Waunakee Furniture ETC, who can help you choose the fabrics and leathers that best suit your needs.