Kitchen Storage

kitchen shelving
Photograph provided by Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens

You don’t have to be a professional chef to take pride in your kitchen. These days, the kitchen isn’t just a room to make food, it’s a chance to show off. Maybe you’re into coffee, so you have an attractive mug rack. Maybe it’s wine, so you display your wine glasses. Ever thought about showing off tableware? These days, people are finding that keeping everything cooped up isn’t just unnecessary, it’s a missed opportunity.

Linda Eberle, certified kitchen and bathroom designer at Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens, says, “It used to be that open shelves were purely for display items, but now people are finding more and more the convenience of having those items easily accessible.”

Having open shelves mixed in with closed doors gives a contemporary look with a utilitarian backbone. Sometimes these shelves are used to store matching canisters that contain rice and lentils or oft-used spices. In addition, the look “makes smaller kitchens feel bigger because you can see that back wall. It gives your eyes some breathing space.”

To really make the open shelves stand out, it helps to get everything off the counter. Using pullout spice racks and utensil dividers keeps things organized and off the countertop. “You can get backsplash rails for people that want their utensils out and easily accessible,” says Linda. “It is a nice look, like a commercial-chef-looking kitchen.”

Kitchens can say a lot about the homeowner, whether they’re a from-scratch cook or a microwave aficionado, so why not create the one that fits your lifestyle?

Photographs provided by Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens.