Simplifying Rug Shopping

Photograph provided by Iconi Interiors and Consignment

Choosing area rugs for your home often feels overwhelming due to the vast array of choices available to the consumer. Where the perfect rug can be the element that pulls a room together, choosing the wrong rug can throw off the feel and continuity of the entire room. But by taking some basics into consideration, you’ll find the perfect rug to help set the tone and mood you’re looking for.

• If your room has a lighter feel, choose a rug in a similar palette.
• If you're going for contrast, choose a rug that still has a connection with the existing neutral tones.
• If you're going for bold (pattern or multiple colors), take inspiration from fabric or an art piece already in the room.
• Consider the existing flooring. Choose a rug that doesn’t disappear into or compete with the flooring color, pattern, or grain.

Layering Textures/Creating Depth
• Natural fiber rugs make the perfect base for layering (sisal, jute, and flat weaves).
• Combining smooth surfaces (leather upholstered furniture) with softer, textured, or fluffy rugs softens the overall feel.
• For open-floor concept with multiple rugs, a textured rug is a nice complement to other colorful or patterned rugs.

Choosing an undersized rug for a space can make the room feel small and awkward. Here are some guidelines for how to choose the appropriate size for different spaces.

• Living Room/Seating Areas: Your rug should be large enough to have the front legs of your larger furniture pieces actually on the rug—8- by 10-foot or 9- by 12-foot sizes are common.
• Dining Rooms: A simple rule is to take your dining table size and add two feet all around so that when you pull your chair out, you are still on the rug.
• Foyers: Often a forgotten space. Placing a larger rug in your entryway that will accommodate two people standing on the rug at the same time will make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. We recommend a 3 by 5 foot or larger.
• Bedrooms: One larger rug at the foot of the bed or multiple smaller rugs on each side of the bed works best.

Items sourced from Iconi Interiors and Consignment.