The Right Bathroom for You

bathroom remodel
Photograph provided by Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens

Who doesn’t like showing off work they had done on their house? New countertop, taking out a wall, changing up the flooring, it’s exciting. But not every room is something other people can appreciate. For instance, the owner suite. “Essentially, it’s a very private area,” says Chris Schmidt of Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens. “You’re customizing it to accommodate you.”

For a lot of homeowners, the bathroom is a fight for space. Oftentimes people think the solution might be a double vanity, but Chris says this might not be the solution for everyone. “Instead of having two separate sinks, which divides the vanity area up—you end up with a space on the left, a space in the middle, and a space on the right, not much counter space—how would you feel going with a big wide sink?”

A wide sink isn’t as large as a kitchen sink, and has the added convenience of two faucets, one on each side. It eliminates the neutral middle zone, making each person’s space more clearly defined.

To complement the new sink and keep your wall looking clean, consider an LED mirror. Chris says, “You look in a mirror to get ready, and you don’t stop until you’re satisfied with what you see in the mirror. Well, with an LED mirrors, it’s really great because you get even lighting, especially when it’s an LED border. And almost all of them come from the factory with defogger, so it’s completely clear even though the room is misty.”

Nobody can tell you what the right bathroom is for your needs, but once you figure it out, there’s never been so many options and features to make it something just for you.