Exterior Revival

Newly painted siding by Spray-Net
Photograph provided by Spray-Net

Ah spring. So many highlights, but the snow melts and were once again faced with lingering and forgotten projects. If youve been thinking you need to replace your serviceable, yet uninspiring siding, think again. Regardless of the material, there still may be a lot of life in your homes exterior.

Many homeowners avoid painting their homes because they know itll just start to peel in a couple of years, and it isnt worth the hassle. As is oftentimes the case, do-it-yourselfers dont have the same knack and know-how as career tradespeople. We struggle to get that clean factory finish that existed the day the siding went up. The good news is there are painters who can achieve that same degree of perfection and even those who take it to the next level. For example, Spray-Net offers a 15-year no-peel warranty on their worksomething that most contractors would struggle to match.

At the end of the day, were all victim to the material of our siding. The aforementioned Spray-Net might be a great option for those with stucco, brick, vinyl, or aluminum, but if you have wood siding, youll have to address it around every five years. This is due to the porous nature of wood, which not only accounts for moisture retention, but also noticeable expansion and contraction during our wet springs and dry summers and winters.

If, however, you have stucco, brick, vinyl, or aluminum siding, its important to investigate options specific to your siding. Brick, like wood, is porous, so stains are a much better option. For stucco, vinyl, and aluminum, its important to consider the differences between cement, plastic, and metal. Dale Tomalin, Spray-Net franchise partner, spoke with me about the importance of formulating the right coating for different materials and emphasized using the right application process. Using our proprietary line of industrial-strength coatings and patented application processes, we renew and transform surfaces that most people think cant be painted. As he likes to say, theres a smarter way to paint homes, and it isnt with a fancier brush.

Given the real estate market were in, painting is also a benefit to those looking to sell. Curb appeal goes up, and in some cases, like Spray-Net, the warranty is even transferable. Sellers with freshly painted exteriors get more attention from buyers and agents without breaking the bank.

Ive done market comparisons, says Dale. From the affordability perspective, it can save you up to 75 percent if youre thinking about replacing your siding. Think about it this way, if your homes exterior is brick, stucco, vinyl, or aluminum, you paid good money for quality thats meant to last yet be low maintenance. By reinvigorating your siding, youre getting its full value without having to tear down and dispose of the old stuff.

Even more environmental, many products available today are water based. Even with a product of Spray-Nets caliber, modern chemistry and persistence have created longer-lasting paints containing less VOCs (volatile organic compounds) compared to oil-based paints.

We are excited about helping homeowners throughout the entire Madison area find a high-quality, cost-effective solution to transform and update their homes, says Dale. While we offer a unique solution, customer service is our true passion. The smile on our customers faces after they see their home transformation for the first time is what drives and inspires us.

Hiring professionals to paint your home is a stress-free way to get what you deserve from your homes exterior; in the case of Spray-Net, its also a way to make your home look brand-new in as little as one day. Youll get more out of spring this year, and your house will be something that turns your head every time you turn into your driveway.

Kyle Jacobson is senior copy editor and lead staff writer for Home Elements & Concepts.

Dale Tomalin is a local entrepreneur and has partnered with Spray-Net to open the first location in the Madison area. Spray Nets proprietary paint and service have caught the attention of many high-profile home-renovation and interior-design professionals. Several stars on HGTVs hit shows have collaborated with Spray-Net to revamp local homes, and a leading HGTV designer has helped homeowners learn about the benefits of using Spray-Net to transform their home. In fact, if you visit spray-net.com, youll find some of the designers specific advice on color trends for 2021 and beyond.

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