Going Frameless

Frameless Cabinets
Photograph provided by Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens

Do you have wide reveals? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Most of us do. And they look okay. In fact, if you’ve never seen a tight reveal, you’d assume a wide reveal is normal. But with each face frame cabinet box, you’re losing a minimum of three inches.

Chris Schmidt of Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens says the tight reveals of frameless cabinets are very European. “If you ever study up on European living, every inch is not worth wasting. So if they can get the cabinets closer together, and you got 10 cabinets, you just saved 30 inches. That’s another cabinet you can fit.”

When you order face frame cabinets, you’re often choosing from prefabricated cabinets to find the right combination to fit your space. With frameless, you’re getting a truly custom job to fit your space because, with only an eighth of an inch between drawers, each cabinet box needs to be precise.

Frameless cabinets are also stronger. As the name suggests, there isn’t a face frame to provide any sense of structure, which means the cabinet box itself must by sturdy all around to support the entire assembly. Face frame cabinets rely on the face for structure, as the rest of the cabinet is weak enough for you to bow and warp with your own muscle.

It’s not often the most attractive look is also the most utilitarian. With a tight reveal between cabinets, you have more room for storage and the envy of your neighbors.