Making it Make Sense

Lower Cabinets
Photograph provided by Dream House Dream Kitchens

We are creatures of habit, not that there’s anything wrong with that. But when it comes to doing what’s convenient versus what’s familiar, we might miss the obvious. This can be especially true when designing your first custom kitchen.

So where do you currently put your plates, bowls, and cups? If you’re like most people, I’d guess the upper cabinets. But some of those spaces might be hard to reach, and if you’re looking for a particular item, it might be buried. With a drawer on the lower cabinets, “You’re looking down at everything that drawer has to offer,” says Chris Schmidt of Dream House Dream Kitchens.

The accessories for drawer boxes have come a long way. There are peg hole drawer systems for bases with insert posts for keeping everything from moving around.

Now think about having to bend down and reach deep into your cabinets for that large pot. With a custom drawer system, that doesn’t have to be the case. And if you don’t like the drawer-face look, you can consider rollout drawers, which offer even more customization for large items while maintaining the cabinet-door look on the outside.

“With a big rollout drawer, that cabinet is twice the depth compared to an upper cabinet, so you can fit a lot of your plates and bowls and Tupperware—you can fit them all in a full drawer or two thirds of a drawer and still have room left over for more storage.”

It’s not new technology; it’s a new perspective. Working with a professional designer to get your ideas rolling might just be the first step to creating your perfect kitchen.