February 2017

February 2017 Issue
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In the Hands of a Designer

Design by Jeff Epping

Technology changes all of us—from our personal lives to our work practices. In the current age of lightning-speed advancements in the tools we use, discussions about efficiencies and improvements assume that the acquisition of new skills equals improvement. It seems particularly relevant to creative professions: artists, architects, and designers. How does computer rendering differ from drawing by hand with paper and pencil?

Finessing Your Financing

Photograph provided by NARI Madison

You have many obvious decisions to make when you embark on a home-remodeling project: choice of contractor, floor plans, materials, paint colors, and fixtures. All of these decisions affect the outcome of the project, but it’s likely none of them will have the long-term financial impact that comes from your choice of financing.

Salvage Style

Photograph by © Mike Rebholz Photography

If you read any shelter magazine, watch any HGTV show, or peruse Houzz or Pinterest, then you have certainly discovered the Salvage Style trend. Materials that would have been relegated to the junk pile are now being upcycled into unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, lighting, wall art, and just about anything else you (or Pinterest) can imagine. No matter your personal design aesthetic, incorporating a bit of Salvage Style into your home can help to create a more unique and collected look and feel to your space.

A Backyard Transformation by Ganshert Nursery & Landscapes

Photograph by Ganshert Nursery & Landscapes

After years of living in their cherished Madison home and many interior updates, the owners were looking into retirement and wanted to create the outdoor space of their dreams. The backyard, however, presented challenges. It offered no level area for an entertaining space; there was an old silver maple that divided up the backyard, making it feel smaller than it truly was; and grading/drainage needed to be addressed as the entire property drained to the backyard space.

A Garden to Grow With: One Family’s DIY Approach to Landscaping

Photograph by Michael Krakora, Krakora Studios

A well-landscaped yard provides an array of attractive benefits beyond improving the curb appeal of your home. It brings nature to your front door by giving a habitat to birds and butterflies. It can be environmentally friendly by controlling runoff, reducing energy bills with shade trees, and curbing water demand by using native and well-adapted plantings. It can add space for entertaining and summer relaxation. Furthermore, it’s the one home improvement that appreciates over time. As a garden grows, so does its value and appeal for the homeowner.

Accessible Home for an Active Family

Photograph by Karl Beckman

Happy in their friendly Fitchburg neighborhood, this family wanted to restyle their home to better suit their needs and accommodate their young daughter who uses crutches and a wheelchair. They preferred not to expand the home’s existing footprint, so Beckman Builders, LLC examined every inch of space and recreated the home’s interior.

The Complete Remodel

Photograph by © Mike Rebholz Photography

Finding a home in the beautiful hills of western Wisconsin was a dream come true for the clients. The property had the acreage they desired, a stunning timber horse barn, and detailed landscaping near the home, including a man-made pond with gazebo.

A Design Process that Measures Up: Rivendell DesignWorks

Photograph by Tracy T Photography

Your idea book is full. There’s no room for those heavy dog-food bags in the house, and you want a family mudroom where the kids can drop their backpacks. Whether you’re expanding your current home or building a new one, Rivendell DesignWorks, LLC has a detail-oriented design process 30 years in the making at the hands of its founder, Megan Fields. “With us, you start from scratch and create a home truly designed for you or your family,” Megan says. “We have an intimate process.”

Remodeling Done Right

Photograph provided by NARI Madison

Your inspiration may come from HGTV, Houzz, or Pinterest. You may admire the home of a friend or neighbor. Whether the inspiration comes from near or far, National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) professionals in the Madison area can help you create the kitchen, bath, or room of your dreams. Their advice: identify the goals for the project, set a realistic budget, and hire a professional.


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