May 2017

May 2017 Issue
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Custom Art Glass

Blue Heron stained glass
Photograph by Denny Berkery

Many homeowners consider adding art glass into their home décor to use color and natural light to create a conversation piece that will never go out of style. As a glass artist and store owner for almost 40 years, I have experienced every possible home and business scenario to seamlessly incorporate designs into the structure of a space.

How and Why to Live With Sculpture

Living room art and sculpture
Photograph by Michael Krakora, Krakora Studios

Most people I know have artwork on their walls in the forms of paintings, drawings, photos, and prints, and from my experience as a gallerist, fewer choose to live with sculpture and other forms of 3-D art. I’ve been wondering why that is and what barriers are keeping art lovers from bringing 3-D art into their environments. What exactly is 3-D art, why live with it, how does it work in our homes, and why is it important?

Sit, Stand, Repeat!

Photograph provided by Ekornes

The furniture we choose to put in our home and office has a significant impact on our general health. Most of us spend our days sitting at desks, followed by relaxing at home, and eventually sleeping in bed. Our lives are dominated by the furnishings of these environments and experiences, yet we rarely think about how those furnishings affect us. We spend a lot on cars and electronics; perhaps we should consider investing more in furniture that can improve our day to day experiences and even our health.

Creating a Suburban Oasis

Path and Patio renovation
Photograph provided by ZDA, Inc.

Fostering community and inviting children and adults to enjoy the outside was the goal for this landscape renovation. Through a collaborative design process, ZDA’s landscape architects and garden designers worked with the homeowner to develop a landscape master plan that married these goals with solutions for the site’s inherent landscape challenges: failing walls, a rotting deck, dangerous drop-offs, and an uninviting entrance.

Blue Kitchen: Kitchen Ideas Center

Blue Kitchen glass doors
Photograph provided by Kitchen Ideas Center

Having a plan and a builder, the clients needed only one more thing. After one year of searching, they finally found it in northern Dane County: the perfect lot to build their new home. They were ready to begin construction on their contemporary home with a European-style kitchen.

From Drab to Fab: Turning your Bathroom into a Sanctuary

Bathroom remodel
Photograph by Greg Sutter of Sutter Photography

The trend over the last several years is to make the master bathroom more of an extension of the master bedroom, or an “on suite.” As a designer and contractor, I try to create a sanctuary for my clients that is a special “couple” space where the day begins, and a place to relax or unwind at the end of the day.

An Automated Life

Kitchen pendant lighting
Photograph by Nick Hughes

Clutter: tasks and objects piling up in our lives, continuing to get in the way of family, friends, and hobbies. The explosion of internet-connected devices (the Internet of Things) has added yet another layer of complexity to our already busy lives. One of the best ways to manage the clutter and complexity these devices add is through home automation.

Energy Efficiency

Smart thermostat
Photograph by Steve Salt

Technology is shaping the way we use energy in our homes—from energy-efficient LED lightbulbs to smart thermostats to electric vehicles charging in our garages.


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