August 2017

August 2017 Issue
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Sculpture in Your Outdoor Design

Outdoor sculpture
Photograph by Amy Johnson

Two years ago, my husband and I purchased a home in Madison. We moved from the country, where we had a sprawling yard containing a variety of trees, slopes, and natural pathways. We traded this inherently interesting landscape for a large, flat square of land. As we slowly began the task of planning and planting, it was the outdoor art that immediately gave life to the new space. This got me thinking about outdoor sculpture in a more personal way than ever before. From the windows of my home, I watch the changing seasons—spring brings blossoming trees and flowers growing up around the sculpture, making it part of the landscape. In winter, the sculptures are framed white, like a white-walled gallery highlighting the art.

Bringing the Beauty Inside Cut Flowers from Your Garden

Inspiration garden
Photograph by Schönheit Gardens

Fresh flowers lift our spirits and make us smile. They’re wonderful gifts and instant mood boosters in our homes. While there are fantastic local shops to buy beautiful bouquets, gardeners are lucky to have choices to make their own in a snap!

Convenient, Current, and Clean Throughout the House

kitchen wood floor and ceiling
Photograph provided by Coyle Carpet One Floor & Home

Hard surface flooring has come a long way from being a kitchen- and bathroom-only flooring option. Homeowners and designers have learned that continuing the use of hard surface flooring throughout a home’s main living space provides the same level of easy utility, not to mention style, in every room of the house.

Granite vs. Quartz: What You Need to Know

Granite Kitchen remodel
Photograph by Shanna Wolf at S. Photography and Styling

When selecting new countertop surfaces, it’s important to keep functionality, budget, and style in balance. The two most popular countertop surfaces homeowners want to know more about are granite and quartz. People are usually pleasantly surprised by how affordable granite countertops can be—$30 per square foot (including installation) is a good starting point for budgeting purposes. Quartz countertops will always be slightly more expensive than granite, but as more companies are entering the quartz countertop industry and competition increases, prices are reacting accordingly.

Helping People Stay in Their Homes

Project Home worker sawing
Photograph provided by Project Home

While driving to work, a place for lunch, or the store, you’ve probably seen us. Our staff and trucks are out nearly every day working on people’s homes. For 45 years, our official mission has been to improve the quality and affordability of housing for area low-to-moderate-income residents in Dane and Green County. The relatable goal of this mission is to prevent homelessness by helping struggling community members to stay in their homes. We are Project Home.

Lake Mendota Classic Reborn (Before a Birth!)

Kitchen remodel
Photograph by James McCarthy

Shorewood Hills, nestled within the far west side of Madison, is one of the most interesting places to view classic examples of English Tudor architecture in the Greater Madison area. One needs only to drive along the main Shorewood Village roads a short distance to experience the full scope of this mid-1920s architecture, which encompasses everything from the charming cottage style to the palatial Tudor.

Sustainable Moving: Reduce, Repurpose, and Reuse

Moving boxes

A move can be stressful. The following ideas will not only lessen the stress on you, but also the environment.


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