November 2017

November 2017 Issue
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Creating Art

Bowl ready for the annealing oven
Photograph by Maureen Janson Heintz

Aspects of the art world can appear very opaque to those outside of it, with one of the murkiest topics being price. I am frequently asked how to determine the value of art, so it seems appropriate that since this publication encourages you to include art in your home design, inside and out, we address the question of why art can seem expensive. To understand price and value, Im going to share with you the process in not only creating the work, but in making a living doing it. This will be a two-part series, and I think that by the end you will have an appreciation for what it takes to create and bring art to you.

A Better Way to Sleep - Naturally

Bedroom linens
Photograph provided by Satara Home & Baby

Theres no question that sleep is important, and advice on how to get a good nights sleep is abundant. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, wear amber-tinted glasses before bed, no electronics in the bedroom, keep the room dark, and on and on. But once you crawl between the sheets, its all about the bed.

Energy-Efficient Homes: A Look at Our Windows

Energy-efficient windows
Photograph provided by Hunter Douglas

As homeowners sought energy-efficient products, a new field of science emerged. The focus was on local and global energy conservation, including products that are renewed, recycled, eco-friendly, organic, locally sourced, sustainable, and minimize use of resources to provide light and heat in homes.

Thinking Outside the Garden Box: European-Inspired Living Walls

Modular living wall installation
Photograph provided by Sage Green Life

In Wisconsin, summers are short and winters are long. Wouldnt it be great if there were a low-maintenance way to have lush, verdant plants in your living space year-round? Wouldnt it be great to not have to worry about watering, fertilizing, or maintaining them? Theres a way, and its not as complicated or out of reach as you might think. Red Square Flowers has been designing and installing living walls (or green walls, as vertical gardens are sometimes called) in corporate and residential settings for several years.

The Enjoyable (yes, enjoyable!) Homebuilding Process

Photograph provided by Wausau Homes

Making the process of building a home from scratch stress free is not something all construction companies are capable of. There always seem to be unforeseen costs, and timelines are dependent on the weather as much as they are the craftsmen. But there is another option: a climate-controlled production process with firm pricing, an exact move-in date, and the ability to create timelines year-round without having to sacrifice home customization for customers with vision. Theyre called panelized homes.

Wisconsin is Getting Grayer and Greener: Are We Ready for It?

Capital garden
Photograph provided by 1000 Friends of Wisconsin

Wisconsins population will be a lot grayer in the years to come, and that will probably mean greener landscapes. According to state demographers, Wisconsin will have modest growth over the next two decades, adding about 800,000 more people. However, almost all of that growth will be in people who are over 65. And that will have a profound impact on the states landscape.

Remodeling for the Future: Preventing Basement Water Damage

Basement living area
Photograph provided by Black Ice Studio

After nine years in their home, Thomas Kammeyer, software engineer with Sun Nuclear Corporation in Madison, and Joan Bartel, associate principal at Sun Prairie Area School District, had a need for more living space. Like most families, needs change over time. Thomas’ father moved in, and the family decided it was time to remodel the basement to allow for additional family-friendly space for their children, Sam, 19, and Taylor, 14, to play and watch movies, and there would be room for an office.

Three Important Questions Youre Not Asking Your Insulation Contractor

Insulation installation
Photograph by Andy Jalbert of Jalbert Productions

Many homeowners hire insulation contractors to upgrade attic insulation, perform air sealing, insulate basement boxsills, and more. When hiring a contractor, most follow a few basic steps: get quotes, ask if the contractors are insured, and check references or online reviews. These are all important, but if its where you stop, theres important information you wont get.


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