August 2020

August 2020 Issue
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Ochsner Zoo: Naturally

Ochsner Park Zoo
Photograph provided by Ochsner Park Zoo

The purpose of zoos has evolved significantly over the centuries. From a show of humankind’s limited dominion over nature to a facility for scientific research, questions of value and ethics have accompanied each installation with regards to the boarding and treatment of their residents. Contemporary zoo models now focus heavily on education, and Ochsner Zoo has designed its exhibits around immersion, health, and conservation.

Reasons to Consider New Construction When Shopping for a Home

New Construction

Public health and the economy have faced monumental challenges in 2020, but a few silver linings have emerged. For example, it’s an excellent time to buy a new home.

For the Apple of Your Eye

items from Convivio
Photograph by Mary D'Alton of Convivio

Autumn in Wisconsin means delicious locally grown apples. Used in baking as well as savory recipes, and especially nice in apple brandy. Nothing is prettier than this calvados from France, where they have been making this spirit for generations. Apple brandy is an amazing flavor enhancer in anything made with apples—applesauce, apple crisp, apple pie…even savory stews. (And make sure to sip some as you enjoy the finished recipe!)

Room to Grow

custom closet storage
Photograph provided by Cabinet City

Apartments can be the right fit for a lot of people at different phases in life, from the recent high school graduate to a family saving up for their starter home to the retired worker no longer wanting to maintain a yard. No matter the situation, finding space for everything you own in an apartment is a daily hurdle.

Butterfly Gardens

Buckeye Butterfly
Photograph by Samantha Peckham

A few years ago, Olbrich Botanical Gardens was certified as a “colossal” Monarch Waystation by the Monarch Watch organization. If you’d like to create your own butterfly oasis, here are a few tips to get started.

Perennial Food: What and How to Keep It

Cherry Tree

Perennial food can make a wonderful addition to any yard or landscape; invest in them once, plant them with care, and they will often produce food for years to come with little management or concern. Perennial food comes in many shapes and sizes; offers a variety of produce; and, best of all, is probably edible on a repeating annual basis! We can grow perennial food in the shape of ground covers, short forbs, shrubs, trees, hedges, and even fencing to a degree. Some perennial food will take a few years to begin producing, but some are much faster than that. From snacking to canning, the ways in which we keep or store homegrown produce is greatly varied and will often grow on us as we learn to appreciate perennial food at an even deeper level.

Education at Taliesin

Students walking the grounds at Taliesin
Photograph provided by Taliesin Preservation

For many, autumn is associated with heading back to school after summer break, but at Taliesin, education is a year-round activity deeply rooted in the history of Frank Lloyd Wright and his family.

Fixed Transition

AFTER: Sitting room
Photograph provided by Dream House Dream Kitchens

With each passing design trend, countless homes plunge further into the void of black-and-white checkered tile, lattice batten molding, and 70s high-school-textbook wallpaper. Though these elements work for some individuals and homes, they certainly aren’t for everyone, and that’s especially true when done in excess. Recently, Dream House Dream Kitchens took on updating an older Maple Bluff home, creating something contemporary while finding a balance with choice retro integrations.

Sustainable Living: Seal Air Leaks to Save Energy This Winter

Windows in home office
Photograph provided by MGE

As the days get shorter and temperatures get cooler, it’s an ideal time to prepare your home for winter. Sealing air leaks should be at the top of your to-do list. This is an effective way to increase comfort and, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, could save up to 20 percent on energy costs.


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