By The Book: A Room of One's Own

A Room of One's Own East Side Location
Photograph provided by Sketchworks Architecture LLC

Perusing a great bookstore can be thrilling—and easy to lose track of time in. And a wonderful, independently owned bookshop that conveys the personality of its community is a treasure. A Room of One’s Own, a queer- and trans-owned feminist bookstore, is one such place that has fiercely forged on for Madison booklovers for 46 years.

Ready to Remodel? What to Consider Before You Begin

paint and tile swatches

With many of us having spent more time at home over the past two years, it’s no wonder homeowners are investing in upgrades. Perhaps you’ve noticed more contractor vehicles in your neighborhood or spoken to your neighbors about the work they’re doing on their homes. Whether upgrading to make better use of their space or preparing to put their home on the market, many homeowners are taking on remodeling projects.

What Makes A Species Invasive?

Yarrow is a biodynamic accumulator.

Bullying and oppression are all too common throughout the planet, especially in our natural settings, where there’s little regulation. We, as humans, are responsible for being the largest spreaders of other species and have the opportunity to understand and help out our terrestrial communities.

Exterior Revival

Newly painted siding by Spray-Net
Photograph provided by Spray-Net

Ah spring. So many highlights, but the snow melts and we’re once again faced with lingering and forgotten projects. If you’ve been thinking you need to replace your serviceable, yet uninspiring siding, think again. Regardless of the material, there still may be a lot of life in your home’s exterior.

Mid-Century Masterpiece

Kitchen and dining room renovation
Photograph provided by Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens

From the paneled walls and reclaimed brick fireplace to the milk-bottle door in the kitchen, nearly all the original materials and fixtures were still in place for this mid-century gem, built in 1966. It tells of the story of its time, and the new owners wanted to breathe life back into each space. Designer Kimberlin Payne of Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens worked with the homeowners to honor the existing architecture while increasing the usability of each space and creating a bright, airy aesthetic.

Paint on Point

Color of the Year 2022: Desire 1219
Photograph provided by Hallman Lindsay

2022 welcomes a new chapter. A collective wish for new beginnings leads us to thoughtful hues that support healing, reflection, and a sense of optimism. Our color of the year, the softly shaded lavender Desireé 1219, is designed to express these hopes and bring dreams of renewal to life.

Wine Cellars

Wine cellar
Photograph provided by Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens

It’s a beautiful thing when a home showcases a homeowner’s hobbies and interests, and for the wine enthusiast, there’s no better way to embrace the lifestyle than with your own wine cellar.

Sustainable Transportation: Driving Electric Is Easy

Electric car at charging station
Photograph provided by MGE

A growing number of drivers have already switched to electric, and many will soon follow suit. Electric vehicles (EVs) have become a serious contender for car buyers nationwide. From convenience and fun to lower fuel and maintenance costs and environmental benefits, EVs have a lot to offer. Today’s models: